Consumer behavior and the role of user-accounts

New shops face great hurdles to become part of users’ relevant sets. Do user accounts help?

Before analysing the consumer behaviour itself we are looking at their demands towards online stores.



With 65 percent, a good search function (underlined by filter options with 41 percent) is the most important criteria. This is followed by user comments and product ratings with 58 percent – an attribute that is only influenceable by the shop owner to some point, since he needs a critical mass that generates the mentioned customer feedback first. Nevertheless, shop features are not the only thing that matters.



70 percent visit shops that they have already visited before. 56 percent visit online shops they have already created an account with. Only specializing in certain products (36 percent) and being ranked highest in search engines (15 percent) seem to be the door opener for becoming part of the users’ relevant set.



Once an online shop became part of the users’ relevant set, user accounts help to improve chances to bind them. Only 8 percent of respondents would cancel an order process because registration is necessary. Summed up, user accounts do not help to convert a costumer, but help to bind them long-term.




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July 2018