Portugal joined the Ranking on ecommerceDB.com

Who is the market leader in Portugal, does he make use of cross-border-sales and what is his main category?

Questions whose answer is just one click away. By selecting Portugal in the country drop down menu you will be guided directly  to the country specific ranking site on which you will find detailed information to the portuguese market.



Comparable to other countries the ranking shows, aside from general information, the eCommerce net sales generated in Portugal and puts it into context with total generated net sales of the given online store. zara.com for example generates US$ 29.6m in Portugal which equates to 3.4% of its total eCommerce net sales. Since most of you are already familiar with the presentation of the ranking we are taking a look at the market itself and the key findings.



With US$ 2,430m , Portugal represents only a fracture of its neigbour’s market volume but surpasses Spain with regards to the average growth rate for  17/16. The main category for half of the online stores that are represented in the portugese top 10 ranking is Fashion, followed by Electronics & Media with three stores and Food & Personal Care with two. With six online stores, the main country of the majority is Portugal. Nevertheless, these given stores are mostly country specific URLs from international companies from either Spain in form of URLs that are run by Inditex S.A. or France. Portugal itself is company-wise represented by Sonae SGPS S.A. in form of worten.pt and cintinente.pt.



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August 2018