Another country has joined the ecommerceDB ranking

Who is the market leader in Ireland, do they make use of cross-border-sales and what is their main category?

Roughly one month after adding Portugal to our country drop menu, we are happy to announce that the next country has been added: Ireland.



Comparable to other countries, the ranking shows, aside from general information, the eCommerce net sales generated in Ireland and puts them into context with total generated net sales of the given online store. for example generates US$136.9m in Portugal, which equals 1.8% of its total eCommerce net sales. Since most of you are already familiar with the presentation of the ranking, we are looking at the market itself and the key findings.



With US$2,938m, Ireland represents only a fracture of the market volume of the UK but surpasses the overall average growth rate for 17/16. The main categories for almost half of the online stores that are represented in the top 10 ranking of Ireland are Electronics & Media, Toys, Hobby & DIY, Food & Personal Care and Fashion, represented by two online-stores each; Furniture & Appliances is no represented in the ranking. With six online stores, the most well-represented country in the ranking is Ireland. Nevertheless, these given stores are mostly country-specific URLs from UK companies: A phenomenon that is also reflected in the overall ranking. Through linguistic and geographical proximity, more than two-thirds of the online stores are connected with the UK.



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September 2018