Small shops suffer from high concentration

The top 10 online stores are once again dominant: €17.2bn are achieved by the 10 strongest providers alone.

The top 100 together generated a turnover of €30.5bn – without the top 10 stores, the 90 shops in 11th to 100th place account for a total of €13.3bn. Even at the top, the sales concentration is therefore extreme. The shops of the places 101 to 500 together come to €8.5bn, the remaining 500 shops together achieve only €3.7bn.



For the third time in a row, the 500 shops in the back of the ranking have less turnover than in the previous year: in 2015, the turnover of these shops was still €4.0bn. In contrast the turnover for the top 10 online storesg grew by almost €3bn within the same period. Although the German online trade is growing well overall, the smaller shops are not benefiting much from this growth.


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January 2019