Amazon dominates Europe’s Top 5 eCommerce markets

The state of eCommerce in Europe’s Top 5 countries is bigger than ever before. What are the biggest countries? Which categories are the biggest online categories?

The Top 5 European eCommerce markets are a vast playground for online retailers. The combined B2C eCommerce market size of the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy unite a whopping €164,09 billion. The UK is the biggest market with a market size of €68,600 billion, whereas Italy’s market size is only a fraction of the UK market with €7,770 billion. Nevertheless, there is one constant in all these countries: And that is the dominance of the respective Amazon online stores in terms of net sales. Amazon is not only an online retail giant in the U.S.A., but has become one in Europe as well.


The most promising product categories for online retailers are “Electronics & Media” and “Fashion”. As many as five of the 25 biggest online shops are pure electronics retailers and even 10 of the 25 Top shops exclusively sell fashion. Only the UK sticks out with three top five shops that specialize in selling food and personal care. Not only on a country perspective but also category perspective Amazon is in the pole position and can be regarded as the online retail giant for “Electronics & Media”, “Toys, Hobby & DIY”, “Furniture & Appliances” and “Food & Personal Care”. Only one other online store manages to maintain its lead against Amazon in one particular category: Zalando in the category fashion. You can have a deeper look at the German Zalando online shop here.
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