A one fits all mattress – a new lifestyle product sold online

The German online market for mattresses is booming. One of the reasons is that mattresses have become a lifestyle product in their bedrooms.

 The German mattress market has changed rapidly lately. Online stores for mattresses have been growing like mushrooms. A recent example is the launch of the new online store paul-paula.de, which is part of the Otto Group. Most stores share the same product and make the same promise: A one-fits-all mattress which customers can try for a 100-day period and send back for free if not satisfied.

The internet becomes a playground for mattress stores
Infografik: Ein neues Bett aus dem Internet | Statista You find more statistics on Statista

The latest revenue numbers (as of 15/02/2017) of such online stores seem to indicate that mattresses have become a lifestyle product which got the stale mattress market moving. The infographic illustrates the top seven online stores for mattresses and beds in Germany. The leader in this product category is bett1.de, which dominates the market with €43.57 million net sales in 2016. All other shops generated net sales of less than €15 million. Matratzen Concord, which is considered the biggest European bricks-and-mortar retailer for mattresses and bedding, needs to step up its online activities in particular since it generated only €3.64 million net sales in 2016.


From online to offline

Having had an online presence only in the past, Brunobett has now begun to expand its business by opening two showrooms in Berlin. Interested customers can try out the mattresses and beds and obtain further information from informative materials. Nevertheless, the company currently does not seem to plan on making a full entry into the offline market, because both showrooms are located in partnered single enterprise stores.


It remains to be seen whether the market will grow in the next years or if the recent growth has just been a brief trend which stimulated online sales of mattresses.


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Stand: June 2017