The costs per click across Europe

Detailed insights into the cost driver of SEA measures

With the latest update, gives detailed insights into various key indicators of search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO) for thousands of online stores.  Among others, one of the most expressive within SEA is cost per click (CPC).



Online fashion stores in Norway (US$0.72), Switzerland (US$0.72), Germany (US$0.58), the United Kingdom (US$0.57) and Austria (US$0,51) show an average CPC of more than US$0.50. Once one of their ads placed within the payed section of search engine results was clicked, they have to pay the most in average. In contrast, online fashion stores in Southern Europe, such as in Spain (US$0.21) and in Italy (US$0.21), as well as online fashion stores that generate their main revenue in Poland (US$0.16) have to pay least on average once one of their ads was clicked. This indicates that especially online stores in financially strong as well as eCommerce-affine countries have to dig deeper into their pockets when an online shopper is directed to their store by an ad. This is comprehensible due to higher competition and the higher purchasing power of the inhabitants.



Cost per click (CPC) is a performance-based billing method in online marketing. Explained compactly, advertisers pay a fixed price to the site operator for each click on the placed online advertisement.
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July 2019