How many parcels are received worldwide?

The estimated number of parcels per capita worldwide

As outlined in a recent McKinsey report, a third of the world’s retail trade will be in the online segment by 2030. In 2019, the worldwide revenue of eCommerce exceeds almost €1.8 billion and, until 2023, is expected to reach €2.5 billion.



Each year, the number of the received parcels grows all over the world. The biggest eCommerce market is China. Here, round about seventy parcels are received by every citizen per year. China, however, in this context is only represented by the mega cities Beijing and Shanghai. Other Chinese regions are not included in the analysis. Notwithstanding the fact that the volume of eCommerce markets in the U.S. and in UK are bigger than in Germany, Germany takes the second place in a range of estimated number of parcels per capita. On average, every German gets 24 parcels per year. The UK and the U.S. are following Germany, ranking third and fourth, with 22 and 21 parcels per year.

The boom in online trade pushes the number of parcels received, and this trend is most likely to be continued.



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September 2019