The top 10 online stores in Germany

German eCommerce is experiencing a steady upward trend

According to the German trade association (Handelsverband Deutschland), there will be eCommerce sales amounting to €57.8 billion for the current year; last year, turnover was more than €53 billion. ecommerceDB has been keeping a wary eye on these developments since 2009. This October, for the 11th time and in cooperation with the EHI, we will publish the “eCommerce market Germany” study. Our infographic shows the key players. Steady number one is the German Amazon web site1 with almost €9.3 billion in revenue in 2018. Otto (€3.2 billion) and Zalando (€1.4 billion) lag far behind. The newcomer among the top 102 – the consumer electronics selling chain of stores Saturn – generated €0.5 billion.
The top 100 list of online stores in Germany went online in advance. Here, you can download the complete ranking.



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1: According to the annual report the German overall revenue amounts to €16.8 billion. It includes, however, several service and subscription revenues (AWS, prime memberships,, etc.) as well as all international exports from Service revenues, as well as exports and revenues of further Amazon offerings are excluded from the German turnover of
2: eBay is not part of the ranking, for the company, as a pure-play marketplace, generates its revenue solely through commissions.
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September 2019