U.S. top 100 and its strongest categories

With which category is the main online revenue generated?

With a revenue share of 30%, the category Electronics & Media generate the main revenue share of the top 100 online stores in the U.S. Trailing behind at 25%, Toys, Hobby & DIY, followed by Furniture & Appliances (19%), Fashion (18%) and Food & Personal Care (8%).



A surprising result. Although some of the biggest online players worldwide, such as amazon.com, apple.com and bestbuy.com, are focused on Electronics & Media, only 11 out of the top 100 online stores in the U.S. are categorized as Electronics & Media online stores. For comparison: 40 online stores out of 100 are focused on Fashion, followed by Toys, Hobby & DIY (25), Furniture & Appliances (16) and Food & Personal Care (8).

Due to the fact that the revenue of Electronics & Media – the leading category in terms of revenue – is distributed between only a few online stores, it is highly concentrated within the category. In contrast, the revenue of Fashion players within the top 100 is distributed over various online stores.



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September 2019