Success of the online retailer – in China

The growth of from a small store to one of the largest online retailers in China

The founder of the company, Richard Liu, leased a brick-and-mortar store in Beijing in 1998. In 2004 he moved his business completely online. And today, is one of the largest online retailers in China.

In 2018, had 320 million active customers and generated net sales of almost US$62 billion. Compared to 2017, the revenue has grown by 32%. According to Statista, the total eCommerce market volume in China amounted to about US$634 billion in 2018, which means that had a market share of 10%.



Since 2014, has been extremely successful and has shown a strong and stable double-digit revenue growth. For 2019, its revenue is expected to increase by another 20%.

The company plans to increase their product offerings and expand the fulfillment infrastructure and technology platform, in order for their business and revenues to grow further.



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September 2019