Relevancy of online store features for customers

Which online store feature is the most important to online shoppers in Germany?

85% of surveyed online shopper in Germany are particularly interested in information on delivery conditions when they visit an online store for the first time.



This is the result of a survey recently carried out by Statista. The second most important feature is detailed product descriptions (81%), followed by a technologically flawless and fast presentation of the page (80%). It is therefore important for customers to understand what they are buying and how the goods purchased will get to them. The top five is rounded off by encryption of customer data (80%), an increasingly popular topic, and the ability to choose from different payment options (78%).

On the other hand, it is less important to first time visitors of an online store whether they receive alternative or supplementary product proposals when viewing a product (43%) or if the goods can be sent to a packing station (30%).



Percentage data represent the share of respondents that either answered with ‘1’ or ‘2’ on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=very important, 5=completely unimportant). Due to rounding, numbers can seem the same although they are arranged in descending order.

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Oktober 2019