PayPal increases the distance to eBay

Since its independence, PayPal increasingly has higher sales than its former parent company

While eBay experiences a rather slow growth, PayPal is on the rise:



The famous eCommerce company operating a worldwide online money transfer system, generated revenues of US$4.3 billion during the second quarter – corresponding to a rise of 12%, compared with the previous year. eBay, on the other hand, showed an increase of only 2% during the same period, totaling up to US$2.7 billion.

All in all, PayPal generated revenues that were about US$3.1 billion higher than those of eBay in the first half of the year, unlike in 2018, where the difference had “only” been at US$2.3 billion.

After eBay had bought PayPal in 2002, it soon became clear that the two companies would develop differently, with PayPal experiencing a more dynamic performance than the marketplace. The differing developments, in the end, led to PayPal’s spin-off from its parent company in 2015. Since then, PayPal has been an independent company and, as such, is listed on the stock exchange.



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Oktober 2019