Walmart’s attempt to boost sales in fashion

Walmart plans to increase its sales in the Fashion segment by reintroducing the brand “Scoop” is the second largest eCommerce retailer in the U.S. and with its simple strategy of selling more for less, it takes the fifth place in the global ranking on the ecommerceDB. The online store sells goods in all product categories. However, generates most of its revenue in three categories: Electronics & Media, Toys, Hobby & Do-it-Yourself, and Furniture & Appliances. Fashion is the smallest segment in terms of revenue.



Only recently, has widened its offer in the Fashion segment by reintroducing the fashion brand “Scoop”, which was very famous in the 2000s.
Why was “Scoop” so beloved back then? The first brick-and-mortar store of “Scoop” was opened in 1996. It was known as a pioneer for its merchandising, which involved clothes being sorted by color and style rather than by brand. Its business was driven by the company’s constantly introducing brands people did not know about. Even its bags were a major trend. In 2016, all the stores of “Scoop” were closed abruptly because the company was not generating enough income to pay the rent.
After several years of being closed, however, the trendy brand is making a comeback. Walmart helped to relaunch “Scoop” in 2019, which is exclusively available at now, but at a more affordable price. In this way, Walmart is trying to expand its Fashion segment, which generated about 10% of the eCommerce revenue of in 2018. Thus, Walmart wants to establish itself as a fashion destination in America. Walmart advertises the brand “Scoop” with the slogan “Build the wardrobe of your dreams at prices you’ll love” and the hashtag #We dress America.



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October 2019