Amazon’s global distribution infrastructure

In which countries does Amazon have the largest distribution area?

According to Amazon’s recently published quarterly report, the year-over-year growth of the eCommerce Giant from Seattle has grown by 24% in the third quarter. For Jeff Bezos this growth is, among other things, driven by the conversion of the free delivery benefit for prime members from two to one days1. Reason enough to look behind the scenes and show where Amazon’s logistics is most strongly represented by looking at its global distribution infrastructure.



With 161 million square feet, over 65% of Amazons distribution infrastructure is located in the U.S. The second most important destination in terms of area is the U.K. (18k square feet), followed by Germany (15k square feet). Even if both represent only a fraction of the U.S. in terms of active square feet, both are among the most important destinations for Amazon outside its homeland.

For comparison: China and India, the most populous countries in the world, contribute an area of only 15k square feet combined.

Distribution infrastructure includes among others fulfilment centers, sortation centers, delivery stations and prime hubs.


1: Amazon quarterly report 2019/3

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December 2019