The most annoying things about online shopping

A look at factors that exacerbate the shopping experience for online shoppers in Germany

One of the success factors in eCommerce is the focus on customer centricity and the customer experience. Buzzwords that sound good but don’t answer questions. More important than making use of these buzzwords is knowing what could negatively impact customers during their online shopping experience. Arithnea’s study “What online customers want”1 is devoted to this question, among other things, with interesting results.



For 37 percent of the online shoppers interviewed 2, the obligation of creating a customer account is the most annoying aspect of online shopping. A cumbersome return of the goods covers the second place with 32 percent. Incomplete or non-transparent product information follow in third place with 31 percent. This includes content or the content related to the service or the product that is on offer.

Noticeable: Four of the seven leading disruptive factors can be assigned to the topic “logistics”.




1: The study focuses on the analysis of online customer satisfaction and customer centricity in German companies.

2: The respondents are people between the ages of 18 and 69 who live in Germany and shop online.

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December 2019