Christmas meets eCommerce in the U.S.

Has the walk into overcrowded inner cities served its time?

As every year, many people ask themselves one question during the Christmas season: what would I like to give as a present? Once they’ve found an answer, it remains to decide whether they should walk into the overcrowded city center or make a convenient purchase via the internet. It may surprise many how people choose.



Even if there are only a few percentage points in between the two, at 68%, department stores are the preferred alternative for U.S. respondents when it comes to buying Christmas presents. The online stores distribution channel only covers second place at 65%. Other offline channels such as stationary stores (22%) and Christmas markets (20%) follow at a substantial distance.

Similar to the different offline shopping, people shopping online have to decide where to make their Christmas purchases. Over 90% of the U.S. respondents decide on




Other market leaders in the U.S. eCommerce landscape are (53%), (24%) and (23%).



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December 2019