Shop Direct’s strength is in mobile

Shop Direct generates 79% of eCommerce revenue via mobile devices

Shop Direct is one of the UK’s largest pure play digital retailers. Its multi-category stores such as,, and received over 1.5 million website visits a day and sold over 1,900 brands in 2019. The annual sales of the group nearly reached £2 billion.



In 2019 79% of online sales were completed on mobile devices, which constitutes almost a 9% increase compared to 2018. Compared to 2014, mobile sales even increased by 15.6% annually. On the other hand, purchases per stationary devices declined by 15.5% annually.

Furthermore, according to the annual report of Shop Direct, orders from smartphone apps are rapidly increasing, which is why the group continues to invest in their mobile apps.


Note: The Annual Report of Shop Direct Limited and its subsidiaries for the year ended 30 June  2019.

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January 2020