The importance of free shipping in the U.S.

Free shipping is already an essential aspect of shipping for 79% of consumers across  the U.S.

In the retail and supply chain process, shipping is an essential part. Which aspects of shipping are important for online consumers? According to Walker Sands’ “The Future of Retail 2018” report, “consumers have grown to expect fast and free shipping, and they no longer consider these offerings added perks”. The younger consumers are, the more they expect shipping to be fast and free.

Almost 80% of Americans chose free shipping as an important aspect when it comes to online shopping. Free returns or exchanges are also important for more than half of the respondents (54%). For online stores that want to be competitive and successful on the eCommerce market, these two aspects of shipping can’t be overlooked anymore. Another aspect to shipping is that delivery time is significant for American consumers: same-day shipping and next-day shipping take respectively the third and the fourth places among the consumers’ responses.

These are exactly the points Amazon had in sights: In the third quarter of 2019, the company made free one-day delivery for Prime customers a reality. As Walker Sands reports, “consumers still look to Amazon as the model for speed and price”. As such, it pressures online retailers to find new ways to attract buyers and broaden their shipping offers.


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January 2020