Smartphone, laptop or desktop PC?

Which is the No. 1 device for online shopping in Germany? Insights from the Country Report

As much as 81% of the German population have been shopping on the internet in 2019, amounting to 68 million eCommerce users in Germany in 2019. But which devices do German online shoppers use to buy products online?

According to our recently published Country Report “eCommerce in Germany 2019”, German online shoppers tend to shop online either with their laptop or with their smartphone: These devices both have been used by 55% of German online shoppers, according to the Statista Global Consumer Survey and are thus the dominant devices in German eCommerce. With 42%, the desktop PC still plays a vital role for German onliners, too. The devices that have so far been least popular in online shopping in Germany are smart speakers (4 %) and Smart TV’s (5%).


devices for online purchases in Germany
In contrast, smartphones are the No. 1 device for online shopping in the UK. People use smartphones with 63%, followed by laptops with 58% and tablets with 38%. As in Germany, both Smart TVs and Smart speakers are still the least used devices. Desktop PCs play a minor role in the UK compared to Germany.

As the German eCommerce Market is expected to increase during the next years, it remains to be seen which device will take the lead in German online shopping.

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January 2020