The rise of drone delivery in Germany

One in three Germans like the idea of having their online shopping delivered by a drone

Online shopping is convenient, easy, fast – and ever more popular, especially among busy professionals. But what if you have to invest the time saved in picking up your parcel at the post office? What if the neighbor who accepted the parcel for you is never at home when you are? In times when 9 out of 10 online shoppers still have their orders delivered to their home address – as BITKOM has found out in a recent study – alternative delivery methods might make eCommerce even more customer friendly in the future.


According to the study by BITKOM, the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, Germans are generally open towards new delivery methods. While 59% of respondents could imagine using a personal parcel box next to their usual mailbox, more than one third (37%) like the idea of drones delivering their orders right to their doorsteps, terraces or balconies. Not surprisingly, especially young eCommerce customers are fond of the innovative delivery options: In the age group 16 to 29, 52% are fond of the idea of drone deliveries and an impressive 74% would use a personal parcel box. One advantage of both methods is obvious: Nobody needs to be at home at time of delivery. But the drone has yet another advantage over the personal mailbox: It is likely the fastest way to transport goods from A to B. Plus, retailers could operate their own drone fleets, making third-party carriers obsolete and streamlining the process even more. As good as all this sounds, delivery drones are still in their experimental stages, though. The times when they actually take over the last mile are yet to come.


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March 2020