Does buying behavior depend on gender?

Comparing the product categories with the most purchases for men and women shopping online

The online population in Germany prefers to buy clothes on their online shopping tour according to Statista’s Global Consumer Survey, no matter whether female or male.
But how often are other product categories in the focus and does this focus vary according to gender?


It does. Aside from Clothing (63%), women focus most on Books, Movies, Music & Games (45%) as well as Shoes (45%) and Cosmetics & Body Care (31%). Other categories, such as Consumer Electronics (26%) and Sports & Outdoor Products (14%) play only a subordinate role.
Although for men clothing is also bought most frequently with a share of 48% it is not as dominant as it is for women. Products that belong to the electronics category are purchased the second most frequently with 45%. For men as well, other relevant categories are Books, Movies, Music & Games (40%) as well as Shoes (40%).
Food & Drinks still belong to the least consumed categories. For years, eCommerce has been waiting for a breakthrough.


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March 2020