Online fashion recovering from corona

After weeks of decline, website traffic to online fashion stores has grown above pre-corona level

Fashion was one of the product categories that suffered the most from corona and the related economic disruptions. In Germany, compared to March 2019, clothing suffered a loss of more than 35% in net sales in March 2020. No other category except jewelry recorded a greater sales downturn in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. (For more information on the corona effect on different German product categories, see Corona – winners and losers in eCommerce.)

Now that the first severe stage of the pandemic is over in most parts of the world and countries are starting to loosen contact bans and regulations on brick­-and-mortar, online trade seems to recover as well. At least this is what the recent traffic data recorded by Contentsquare suggests:

website traffic to online fashion stores corona
After February 16, 2020, website traffic on online fashion stores had constantly gone down. This trend was recognizable on a global scale. In France, the drop in website visits was steepest. In the week after the corona outbreak was first reported globally (February 17 – 23), website traffic to online fashion stores in France dropped to 69% of the pre-corona reference period (January 6 – February 16, 2020). In the other countries in the comparison, the immediate corona effect wasn’t that extreme, but still significant and constant: Traffic on fashion store websites decreased throughout February in France, the U.S. and the UK, as well as globally, and hit a low in the week between March 16 and 22. Globally, website visits were down to 73% of the pre-corona level during said week. Since then, the picture has become less gloomy. Online fashion retail seems to have turned the corner as traffic is back on an upward trend in all compared countries and has even surpassed the pre-corona level. With 122% of the pre-corona traffic, the U.S. recorded the greatest increase in page visits at the beginning of May. But France and the UK are also above pre-corona levels in terms of online fashion website traffic.

And there is more good news for online fashion retailers: It is not only traffic numbers that are recovering. Other KPIs, such as page views, transactions, and conversion rates have also developed positively in the past few weeks.


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May 2020