French online shoppers expect free delivery

Only 5% are okay with additional delivery costs for all orders, regardless of the product value

Convenient delivery options are an essential part of a positive customer experience in eCommerce. In addition to a seamless search and checkout process and flexibility regarding payment, consumers expect prompt and convenient shipping possibilities. Naturally, it is not only delivery speed but also the cost that defines convenience in eCommerce delivery. At least since Amazon announced to offer free shipping for millions of users of their Prime service, the bar has been set high for eCommerce players wanting to compete.

A Statista survey conducted among French online shoppers in July and August 2019 found out that most eCommerce users do indeed expect their orders to be shipped free of charge, albeit not in any case.

free shipping eCommerce france
About one third of French online shoppers expect free delivery for all their online orders, regardless of the order value. Most online shoppers however think that online orders should be delivered free of charge at least above a certain product value. 29% are of the opinion that a value of 20€ or higher should imply free shipping. For 26%, the limit is a value of 50€. Only 5% do not expect free delivery at all, no matter how high the order value.

free shipping in france by age
When looking at the data broken down by age groups, a surprising detail comes to the surface: Apparently, the older the online shopper, the less likely he or she is to be okay with shipping costs. Online shoppers in their 20s are mostly prepared to pay additional fees for shipping at least up to a certain order value: Only 28% of French online shoppers between 20 and 29 years of age expect free delivery for all orders. This share constantly increases with the age of the online shoppers to hit the highest percentage in the oldest age group: Among respondents aged 60 or older, 45% expect everything they order online to be delivered without any additional cost, regardless of the product value. Does this mean that older French online shoppers are especially exposed to the Amazon effect? Competitors in the French eCommerce market should in any case be prepared – seniors seem to be discerning customers, at least when it comes to deliveries.


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