Online payment comparison – Germany vs. Austria

PayPal is the leading online payment brand in Germany and Austria, followed by Klarna

Online payment possibilities have become just as diverse as the eCommerce landscape itself in the past few years. Alongside with flexible delivery options, a seamless shopping experience on the website, and the product selection itself, payment plays a crucial role in a positive customer experience in online shopping. In order to make their customers happy, online stores nowadays provide a great variety of options, from the “old-school” bank transfer over various card payments to eWallets. The latter in fact turn out to be the most favorite payment possibilities for online shoppers around the world.

In its latest series of brand reports, the Statista Global Consumer Survey reveals that PayPal is by far the most widely used payment service in almost all countries covered. While in the U.S., for example, places 2 and 3 in the ranking are also taken by eWallets (Venmo and Amazon Pay), the situation in Germany and its immediate neighbor Austria is different:

Online payment comparison – Germany vs. Austria
With an overwhelming 95% of online payment users having used PayPal in the 12 months prior to the 2020 survey update, the old hand in the eWallet realm is by far the most popular payment service in Germany. In Austria, PayPal also leads the ranking of the most popular online payment brands, yet the lead is not as clear as in Germany: 81% of respondents used the service in the past 12 months. Just as a comparison: Among U.S. online payment users, PayPal reaches a usage of 89%. Unlike in the U.S., where the second-favorite service for online payment is another eWallet, namely Venmo with a usage of 28%, it is a Swedish buy-now-pay-later service which comes in second in Germany and Austria: Klarna. It was used by 42% of German and even 51% of Austrian respondents in the 12 months prior to the latest 2020 survey update. Amazon Pay and Google Pay are similarly popular in the two neighboring countries. The former reaches a usage of 25% in Germany and 28% in Austria. The latter is used by 12% of online payment users in both countries. The biggest difference between the two countries can probably be found in the general distribution of users across services. In Austria, there are several services that have a substantial user base while in Germany, the biggest players take a clearer lead.


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June 2020