Wildberries – Russia’s no. 1 looking to expand

wildberries.ru generated 2019 net sales of US$3.2 bn and the company is about to tap EU markets

Wildberries’ success is striking in many respects: The Russian eCommerce generalist with a focus on fashion is not only by far the biggest online store in its country by net sales – wildberries.ru generated net sales more than twice as high as second-placed mvideo.ru in 2019, as the current ecommerceDB.com store ranking in Russia shows. The store has also seen tremendous growth in the past few years: Year-on-year growth rates have constantly been above 50% since 2016 and hit a high in 2019, when net sales grew by 81.7% compared to the previous year. In other words, wildberries.ru has tripled its net sales in just two years from US$1.1 billion in 2017 to US$3.2 billion in 2019. And there is no end to the growth in sight – ecommercedb.com expects the store to grow by another 56.5% year-on-year in 2020. These figures refer to Wildberries’ most important URL wildberries.ru, but the company is active in other Eastern European markets as well. Although the other websites still contribute only minor shares to the company’s overall sales, they all register impressive growth rates as well.

wildberries.ru is naturally the most successful URL in terms of net sales, contributing more than US$3.2 billion to the company’s overall sales in 2019. The second largest URL is the Belarussian store wildberries.by, which generated net sales of US$138.6 million in 2019. Third-placed wildberries.kz yielded US$69.3 million last year and the Kazakh Wildberries URL is also the company’s 2019 growth champion: wildberries.kz more than doubled in just one year – net sales were up from US$32.3 in 2018, which means an increase of 114%. Wildberries’ web presences in Armenia and Kyrgyzstan generated 2019 net sales of US$20.8 million and US$13.9 million, respectively.

Wildberries is riding a wave of success – but resting on their laurels is apparently no option for the Russian no. 1 in eCommerce: Not only is the company planning to expand its product range even further – as announced in their Q2 2020 earnings report – the store is also about to expand into more countries. By launching stores in Poland and Slovakia earlier this year, Wildberries has tapped the first two EU markets.


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September 2020