Drone delivery – what matters to Germans?

More than 70% of Germans are in favor of drone deliveries if they are reliable and eco-friendly

In times when online shopping becomes more and more widespread – not only thanks to corona lockdowns – alternative delivery methods have also moved into focus in the industry. Drones are in the center of attention when thinking about possibilities how traffic can be taken off the road and busy city centers relieved, not least in the light of climate change. Many Germans, however, are still reluctant when it comes to the idea of having their shopping delivered to their doorsteps by an unmanned flying object – this is what recent survey data published by Projekt Sky Limits, an academic project backed by the German ministry for education and research, shows. In a survey among 1,000 German inhabitants above 18 years1, the scientists found out that only 25% think that drones should be used to deliver consumer goods. About one third think that drones should not be used at all for parcel delivery. This is in line with the findings by Bitkom that ecommerceDB already featured earlier this year. Although the majority of Germans still don’t consider drones as an alternative delivery method at the moment, they have quite a clear idea of the standards they would want the drones to meet in order to become an attractive new delivery method:

According to the survey by Projekt Sky Limits, 79% of Germans state that it would be very important or rather important that delivery drones are environmentally friendly in order for them to potentially have their parcels delivered by a drone. A similarly great share (73%) would consider drones as a delivery method in case they were reliable. Just under half of respondents find it rather or very important that drone delivery is fast and that the parcels are delivered at a specific chosen time. To be able to choose a specific place where the parcel is dropped off by the drone, e.g. a balcony or a garden, is not a relevant factor to the majority of Germans – 58% would not consider it an important aspect in order to potentially have their parcels delivered by drones.


1: Telephone survey among 1,000 inhabitants aged 18 or older in Germany between January 20 and 29, 2020.

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September 2020