Amazon Prime Day breaks all records

Sales on Amazon’s exclusive promotions event for Prime subscribers surpassed US$10 billion in 2020

October 13 and 14 marked this year’s Amazon Prime Day. Postponed because of the corona crisis, the shopping event of the world’s probably most famous eCommerce player took place three months later than usual – but the unusual date did not disturb the trend that had become obvious over the past years: Amazon Prime Day once again broke all previous sales records. What started off as an anniversary event celebrating Amazon’s 20th website birthday in July 2015 has become one of Amazon’s most lucrative shopping events. Corona has not discouraged Amazon’s Prime subscribers from closing millions of deals again in 2020, and revenues reportedly yet again shattered all previous sales records:

Amazon itself does not give definite figures on Prime Day sales. An analysis published on estimated Amazon Prime Day sales in 2020 to have amounted to US$10.4 billion. This corresponds to a growth of 45% compared to last year, which was already big: In 2019, global sales on Amazon Prime Day amounted to US$7.2 billion, which meant an increase of an amazing 71% compared to 2018. According to the same analysis, sales had constantly grown rapidly from year to year since Amazon Prime Day was born. The kick-off Prime Day in 2015 generated worldwide sales of US$0.9 billion. The following two years saw sales increases of at least 60%, resulting in an estimated sales amount of US$2.4 billion in 2017. Between 2017 and 2018, Amazon Prime Day sales increased by 75% to a total of US$4.2 billion. Among other things, the steep rises in sales can be attributed to the fact that Amazon Prime Day was extended several times – from 24 hours in 2015 and 2016, over 30 hours in 2017 and 36 hours in 2018, to currently 48 hours in total. Moreover, the company has continuously expanded its Amazon Prime Day to more and more countries. This year it is maybe not only the growth figures that are interesting, but also the change in purchasing behavior. While it is no surprise that the Echo Dot smart speaker remains one of the most popular items, the corona crisis has had an impact on what consumers around the world wanted to buy, turning some traditional consumer goods into bestsellers. This included Familia Plus Paper Towels in Turkey, Dettol Cleaning Wipes Power & Fresh in the Netherlands, and Lysol Multipurpose Disinfectant in Mexico. It remains to be seen as to what extent this trend will persist beyond the corona crisis in future Amazon Prime Days and how Amazon Prime Day will be ranked in relation to events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


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October 2020