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Which devices do consumers use for their online shopping? Similarities and differences in the U.S. and China

Online shopping nowadays has become as diverse as the internet itself. In the classic online store, on marketplaces, via app, on social media… Consumers today have almost innumerous possibilities to purchase products from online sources. eCommerce has become an integral part of many people’s everyday lives and providers are eager to make the touchpoints ever more natural and adapted to people’s needs and habits. It goes without saying that the classic computer has its limits in this respect. Online shopping in different situations requires different devices. But from the great variety of electronic devices with eCommerce functions, which ones do consumers in the big eCommerce markets China and the U.S. actually choose most frequently for their online shopping? The Statista Global Consumer Survey has the answer:

When comparing consumer behavior in the context of online shopping devices in the U.S. and China, the data reveals similarities but also significant differences in some regards. The most frequently used device for online shopping is the same in the U.S. and China – the smartphone. Around two thirds of consumers (66% in the U.S. and 60% in China) used their smartphones for online shopping in the 12 months prior to the survey in both countries. The popularity of tablets as a device for online shopping is also similar in both countries: 29% in the U.S. and 23% in China used a tablet for online shopping in same period. The differences are a lot more significant when comparing the other analyzed devices: Consumers in the U.S. use computers a lot, while their usage of smart devices is very low. In China, the opposite is true. Laptops and desktop PCs were used by more than half and about one third of consumers in the U.S., respectively. In China, both devices were used a lot less frequently. On the other hand, more than twice as many consumers in China as in the U.S. used smart TVs and smart speakers for online shopping.

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January 2021