COVID-19 boosting eCommerce in Australia

eCommerce in Australia expected to grow by an additional 10% compared to pre-COVID forecast

The huge continent down under was of course not left unaffected by the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, yet the infection situation over the course of the year was fundamentally different from Europe, the U.S. or other countries in the northern hemisphere: While most countries north of the equator were experiencing another dramatic surge in infections with the beginning of winter and many went into another lockdown, Australia had a rather “normal” Christmas holiday season this year, with numbers of daily new infections below 20 at the moment. This is of course due to the reversed seasons – infections in Australia were highest in July and August, during the austral winter. Apart from the infection curve differences, though, the effects that COVID-19 has had on economies and industries is similar in Australia and other industrialized countries. Lockdowns in stationary retail and contact bans have made people turn to online shopping more than before the pandemic, which has helped eCommerce achieve significant revenue increases:

The surge in demand for online offers during this year’s corona lockdowns in Australia has led the Statista Digital Market Outlook to adjust its 2020 revenue forecast for the eCommerce market in Australia. Taking into account the “corona effect”, the analysts forecast the Australian eCommerce market to reach a market volume which is 10% higher than initially expected: Before the pandemic, the Statista Digital Market Outlook forecast the overall eCommerce revenues in Australia in 2020 to amount to US$24.8 billion. The adjusted forecast now expects a total eCommerce revenue of US$27.3 billion. All eCommerce categories are experiencing additional growth due to corona according to the estimates. The category that profits the most is Food & Personal Care, with a plus of 16% compared to the initially expected revenue for 2020.

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January 2021