almost doubles net sales in 2020

The corona effect boosts net sales growth for Carrefour’s top URLs

The French supermarket chain Carrefour is one of the most important retailers in Europe and among the biggest food and every-day goods chains in the world. With 2019 sales of around US$83 billion, Carrefour is on one level with supermarket giants Walmart and Tesco. The group was founded in the late 1950s and soon focused on the concept of large hypermarkets. Headquartered in the Paris metropolitan area, France, Carrefour today operates over 200 hypermarkets and 1,000 supermarkets in France and is active in countless countries throughout the world. Next to the famous large-scale physical stores, Carrefour runs several successful online presences. Like many other players in the eCommerce world, Carrefour’s online stores were among the profiteers of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The general surge in demand for eCommerce offers brought along an unprecedented boost in net sales for Carrefour’s various URLs. Thanks to the positive corona effect, Carrefour’s top 3 URL by net sales in 2019 can add another chapter to their growth story:

Carrefour’s top 3 URLs by net sales in 2019 can all look back upon a constant growth trajectory. Since 2018,,, and have registered year-on-year growth rates in the higher double-digit range. According to current net sales forecasts, 2020 however beat the previous growth rates by far. Carrefour’s “home” URL registered a year-on­-year increase of an incredible 93% in 2020, according to the estimates. In other words, Carrefour’s regional flagship was able to double its net sales in just one year to a total of €842.7 million. generated net sales of €668.4 million in 2020, which means that the Spanish Carrefour URL more than tripled its year-on-year growth rate, from 21% in 2019 to 64% in 2020. apparently noticed the weakest corona effect. In 2019, the Brazilian URL had registered the highest year-on-year growth rate (67%) out of the 3 URLs, and the leap to the 88% in 2020 is not as high as for the other two stores. is estimated to have reached a net sales total of €654.0 million in 2020. This might have to do with the fact that makes a substantial share of their net sales with Electronics & Media, a category which did not experience as high a corona boost as the Food & Personal Care category. The French and Spanish URLs generate a greater share of their net sales in the Food & Personal Care segment.

The upward net sales trend is very likely to continue for Carrefour’s largest online presences, yet growth rates will be lower. Taking into account that the corona pandemic is far from over, however, definite statements are still hard to make.

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February 2021