Increasing mobile share on shopping days

42% of all eCommerce spending on Black Friday 2020 came from purchases made via mobile devices

According to the Statista Global Consumer Survey, two thirds of online shoppers in the United States use their smartphones to make online purchases – compared to only 55% who shop on laptops. Mobile shopping has been on a steep rise in the past years, as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have many advantages over other devices. They make online shopping even more convenient for customers, making them independent from fixed locations and giving them the chance to integrate their online shopping ever more seamlessly into their everyday routines. The great international shopping days like Black Friday have not only seen constantly increasing eCommerce sales in general, more and more customers also access online store websites via mobile devices when they hunt for deals on the famous shopping events. The following infographic based on Comscore data shows the development over the years of desktop and mobile shares in eCommerce sales on Black Friday in the U.S.:

The mobile share in total eCommerce spending on U.S. Black Fridays has almost constantly grown over the past years. While in 2014, 79% of all money spent in the U.S. on Black Friday eCommerce deals came from purchases made via a desktop PC, four years later – on Black Friday 2018 – mobile purchases were already up by 16 percentage points, reaching a share of 37%. 2018 to 2019 was the only year in which the figures stagnated. On the past Black Friday 2020, the mobile share in total U.S. eCommerce spending increased again and reached 42%. If the trend persists, which is highly likely, mobile spending on U.S. Black Friday eCommerce deals is possibly going to overtake desktop spending within the next few years.

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March 2021