Online marketplaces – GMV comparison by region

Most marketplace GMV is generated by online marketplaces active in Asia, followed by global players analysts have identified the top 100 online marketplaces in the world by GMV. When taking a look at where these players are active and around which world regions their GMV is centered, it turns out that Asia is the strongest region. 66% of the cumulated GMV generated by the top 100 biggest marketplaces in the world is produced by online marketplaces that sell to customers all over Asia. The second biggest share of the top 100 marketplace GMV is accounted for by global players like Amazon. Although Amazon and many others are headquartered in North America, they are active internationally, generating substantial parts of their GMV in other countries and thus contributing to the global players share in this comparison. Global players were responsible for 26% of total top 100 online marketplace GMV in 2019. North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Australia & Oceania don’t have regional players that contribute great shares to the total top 100 marketplace GMV. Online marketplaces that are active in North America only contributed 4% to the total GMV generated by the top 100 in 2019. Europe and South America were responsible for 2% and 1%, respectively. The rest of the world is negligible. Check out the graphic to get a clear overview:

This is a slide from the brand-new report “Top 100 online marketplaces in 2020: a global in-depth analysis”. It is the first ever in-depth report on online marketplaces by and was released after various extensive phases of research and data processing carried out by’s experienced team of eCommerce analysts. The report features data on the most relevant KPIs of the 100 biggest global online marketplaces by GMV1, including forecasts and information on regional differences, category analyses and extensive store profiles. It is a perfect source for everyone looking for detailed information on the world of online marketplaces, all gathered in one report and prepared in a clear and structured way.

1: Gross merchandise value is defined as the sum of sales generated by a specific marketplace by both first- and third-party sellers across all brand domains. GMV generally includes VAT, shipping costs, commissions and service fees paid to the marketplace operator, and in some cases initiated but failed transactions and returns. However, the term GMV is not standardized and can therefore be interpreted and calculated in different ways.

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March 2021