The Top 10 Online Stores in Germany

Amazon* is the clear number one among all online stores operating in Germany. The company generated revenue of about 8.1 billion euros in 2016. It is followed at great distance by Otto (2.7 billion euros) and Zalando (1.1 billion euros). The ranking of the Top 10 Online Shops** is part of E-Commerce Market Germany 2017, a joint study from Statista and EHI, which will be released in October in its ninth edition already. The study examines the German B2C e-commerce market from a supply perspective by means of an in-depth analysis of the 1,000 largest online stores by revenue. The complete study can be purchased here.


* According to the company’s annual report, the total revenue generated in Germany is 12.8 billion euros. However, this figure includes revenue from services and subscriptions (AWS, Prime memberships,, etc.) as well as all of’s exports abroad. Services revenue, exports, and revenues from other Amazon offerings have been subtracted from total German revenue of
** eBay is not included in the ranking, because it is a pure marketplace, whose revenue is generated solely through commissions.


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September 2017