Revolution in clothing industry?

There is hardly any segment which has been as quickly and profoundly disrupted by online trade as the clothing industry.

Speaking in numbers, 28 percent purchase more clothes online than offline nowadays. Within this share, online-stores that offer different product categories and brands are leading with 14 percent. Despite this trend offline distribution channels, especially all department-stores with a share of 47 percent, are still in first place with a total share of 69 percent.  Only three percent of the consumers prefer catalogs.

Source: Statista Survey Fashion Retail 2017
Choosing a distribution channel is not an either-or-decision. The majority of consumers tend to combine off- and online channels before making a (final-) decision. 74 percent search online for items found in stores. Main reasons are price with 47 percent and availability (in form of color and size) with 38 percent. Compared to this, 75 percent of costumers search in stores for items found online. Instead of availability and price, the main reasons here are the fit, such as size with 41 percent and actual look with 36 percent, followed by additional shipping costs with 32 percent.

Source: Statista Survey Fashion Retail 2017
But what are the decisive factors when it comes to visiting and especially buying in online stores? For 54 percent of the consumer item prices and shipping costs determine whether or not to buy a product, followed by return conditions and shipping times with 52 percent. Considering return quotas of up to 33 percent in some segments*, still a significant challenge that online retailers face.

Source: Statista Survey Fashion Retail 2017
*  Statista Survey Online-Shops 2017




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April 2018