Seals of approval and their effect on customers

Online shop operators can choose between many different providers that award seals of approval. Their offers sound very attractive, such as the following:

7 percent higher conversion rate and 5 percent more returning costumers. A promise made by Norton Secured – a seal of approval that counts with 73 percent in total to the most known seal on the market. Paypal Approval comes second with 67 percent followed by McAfee Secure with 60 percent in total.


More than just a catchy phrase. On taking a look at the consumer-side the feedback is clear. Seals of approval can raise trust of 70 percent of users. A result that is connected to the frequency of online shopping being more important to weekly online shopper.



Up to 26 percent even actively searched for a certain seal of approval once in an online shop, making it to a point that online shops should keep in mind.






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January 2018