Electronics & Media – a global comparison

Total retail sales of consumer electronics via all channels fell by 3 percent in 2016. A decline for the fourth consecutive year.

Rather than focusing on sales via all channels, we want to take a look at the online consumer electronics and understand the trend behind.


Source: Statista U.S. Industry Report 2017


Almost one third of the respondents purchase electronics online on a frequently base and only 13 percent never shopped for electronics online. A result that is connected to the respondents’ gender? To some point. 46 percent of male respondents say they would consider shopping for consumer electronics online only. A difference of 14 percent compared to female respondents. But how does the forecast look like?


Source: Statista U.S. Industry Report 2017, 1: CAGR (Compound annual growth rate)


Promising. The market for online consumer electronic is expected to grow by 12 percent annually till 2021. This equals an increase from US$ 55.9bn in 2016 to US$ 97.6 bn in 2021. The revenue per user is following this trend and is expected to grow from US$ 412 in 2016 to US$ 545 in 2021. As already mentioned, a promising forecast, even when looking at the global comparison.


Source: Statista U.S. Industry Report 2017


On first place China, with a market size of US$ 64,8bn in 2016 and a market size of US$ 142.0bn in 2021. Second place is covered be the U.S. (revenues already mentioned previously) followed by Japan with a market size of US$ 16.0 bn in 2016 and US$ 97.6 bn in 2021.




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May 2018