2017 revenue KPIs at a glance

With our recent website update, we also updated the current-frontend-year to 2017. In the following we will guide you through the changes.

Therefore we are using the example of amazon.de. The biggest impact is recognizable within the revenue analytics segment. Global net sales – in this case US$11,496.7m – are now displayed for the year 2017. Of course, the currency is still adjustable when logged in. Additionally, we are now showing the 2017/2016 growth-rate (instead of 2016/2015) for each online store. For amazon.de we are facing 10.0 percent.



Aside from a general perspective, the in-depth analysis for the respective online store has also been updated.



On the left, we are now showing the 2017 net sales for amazon.de in its main country and its main category (in this case Electronics & Media in Germany). The middle segment displays the amazon.de market share for 2017, again for the main category and -country. Last but not least: the total market volume is Now displayed as a range from 2015 to 2017. Small adjustments that will simplify your analysis.




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April 2018