Traditional retail segments going online

Regular players transitioning from offline- to online distribution and online-only retailer entering the market

As a result the revenue share in each category is increasing. We are taking a look at the magnitude of the segments Furniture & Appliances, Food & Personal Care and Toys, Hobby & DIY.



Furniture & Appliances online revenues are currently far below 20 percent globally, with a 18 percent revenue share in the U.S. and only 12 percent in Europe. The highest growth in this market is expected in the U.S. where by 2022 online revenues are expected to reach 31 percent of the total retail market. In the meantime Germany is expected to reach 20 percent in 2022 while Europe in general is on 17 percent.



The eCommerce share in Food & Personal Care is forecast to remain low in the near future, not exceeding 6 percent of the total retail revenues in the U.S. and 4 percent in Europe by 2022. Nevertheless, solving different delivery challenges might influence the online revenue share in a positive way.



In contrast to the Food & Personal Care segement, Toys, Hobby & DIY is further increasing its revenue share. From 47 percent in 2017 to 69 percent in 2022 for the U.S., from 27 percent in 2017 to 32 percent in 2022 for Germany and from 22 percent in 2017 to 28 percent in 2022 for Europe. This makes the segment to the second strongest online market with regards to revenue share.




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June 2018