The online pharmacy consumer

Online drug retailers’ better prices in particular attract consumers – but how does the typical consumer look like?

Although 24 percent of our respondents have already purchased drugs online, the business behind online pharmacies and drug mail still has a dubious imagine. Let’s take a look what kind of consumers is willing to deal with this image: With rising level of education, the share of respondents that already used online pharmacies is also increasing. From 16 percent for individuals that earned college degree it almost doubles to 29 percent for individuals that earned a bachelor’s degree, reaching 57 percent for individuals that earned a professional or doctoral degree. Surprisingly, it seems to be a neither/or decision to professional or doctoral degree respondents since only 15 percent of them is considering to give online drug stores a try. Also increasing with the share of respondents that already used online shopping within this category is the annual household income. With rising income households are more likely to purchase their pharmacies online – a characteristic that is not underlining the need of high discounts.



Nevertheless, price is with 46 percent still the second most important reason when purchasing a specific drug. More and most important is the personal experience with 47 percent. Third place is covered by the doctor’s recommendation with 42 percent. Summed up consumers are also considering personal advice when purchasing pharmacies – something that online drug stores are not able to offer yet.




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November 2018