The selling side of recommerce

Most people tend to spend money online. Exceptionally we are taking a looking at the private selling side.

With a share of almost 60 percent, the majority of second hand buyers also sell items they don’t use anymore online. A behavior that is connected to the respondents age?



To some point. 81 percent (57 percent answered “yes, several times”, 24 percent answered “yes, once”) of the respondents in the age from 18 to 29 years already sold items they don’t need any more at least once, which puts them only 1 percent ahead of the age group 30 to 59 years. In contrast, 31 percent of the age-group 60 years and older never made use of selling used goods online. Differences in distribution that continue in the reasons to sell used items.



Obviously not using an item anymore is the main reason with an average of 76 percent. With 5 percent above the average of 60 percent, another important reason for younger people is the prospect of earning money. In contrast, older people care less about earning money (49 percent) since they are rather interested in getting rid of old things (11 percent above the average of 56 percent).




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May 2018