eCommerce News & Insights

The Furniture & Appliances eCommerce segement

From the sale of large furniture and decorations to the sale of domestic appliances such as refrigerators or microwaves. more

Personalized ads – effectiveness and attitudes

What is the profit this development brings along for both, marketers and costumers? And what are the challenges? more

Consumers’ Online Purchase Criteria

Available payment options, product characteristics and existing shop features – how do customers decide on shops and products online? more

Seals of approval and their effect on customers

Online shop operators can choose between many different providers that award seals of approval. Their offers sound very attractive, such as the following: more

Toys, Hobby & DIY a broad eCommerce segement

Compared with product categories like fashion or consumer electronics, the toys, hobby & DIY eCommerce segment is an incredibly broad segment. more

The eCommerce market for Food & Personal Care

The market for Food & Personal Care is a mostly untapped online shopping retail segment, that has potential to increase its attractiveness significantly in the next years. more

The Top 10 Online Stores in Germany

Amazon* is the clear number one among all online stores operating in Germany. more

The eCommerce market for Electronics & Media

The Electronics & Media eCommerce segment is one of the rather mature categories with a total global revenue of US$359.4 billion in 2017. more

The Top 10 Online Stores in Austria

Amazon continues to dominate the Austrian online retail market. more