China and U.S. Produce >50% of Global Fashion Revenue

February 01, 2023


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Fashion is one of the main sales drivers in global eCommerce. With total global online revenues of US$880 billion, the Fashion category has outrun Electronics (US$770 billion) as the biggest eCommerce product category by total revenues in 2022, according to the Statista Digital Market Outlook, and is forecast to stay at the top of the bestselling product categories in global eCommerce over the next years. And the product category has more superlatives: According to Statista Global Consumer Survey data, it is also the leading category when it comes to shopping frequencies. In the UK, for example, 66% of online shoppers bought Fashion items in the 12 months before November 2022. All other product categories analyzed reached percentages below 40%. Fashion shopping habits in other leading economies like the U.S., Germany, China or France are similar. The five countries mentioned are in fact also the strongest countries when it comes to total Fashion eCommerce revenues:

China and U.S. produce 50% of Fashion revenue_final

When looking at the distribution of Fashion eCommerce revenues across the world, it turns out that a handful of economies produce the bulk of revenues, led by a substantial margin by China. In 2022, China contributed 30% to total global eCommerce revenue in the Fashion category. Together with second-placed United States, the two leading countries produced more than half of global online Fashion revenues. Adding the UK, Germany, and France, the five leading Fashion countries were responsible for almost two thirds of all revenues produced by online sales of Fashion items in 2022. This might not come as a surprise, as China and the U.S. are by far the biggest eCommerce countries in the world, producing total eCommerce revenues of an overwhelming US$1.2 trillion and US$905 billion in 2022, respectively. Still, the shares that China and the U.S. contribute to the global online Fashion market are smaller than their total eCommerce market shares. When taking a look at the entire global eCommerce market including all product categories, China produced 32% of total revenues in 2022 and the U.S. contributed 25%.