Online Shopping Attitudes in Pakistan

May 03, 2023


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A 2022 survey by Statista Consumer Insights asked online shoppers in Pakistan about their preferences regarding online shopping. Customer reviews and online research garnered the most agreement from respondents.

60% of online shoppers said they find customer reviews to be very helpful, followed by 56% of respondents who said they always conduct online research before making a major purchase. However, there are still more than a third (35%) of users who want to see and touch an item before they buy it, and 29% said they miss the shopping experience when buying products online.

Express shipping is important to 30% of consumers, emphasizing the immediacy aspect. Accordingly, a quarter of respondents said that they want to hold an item in their hand on the same day that they bought it.

Another 24% said they usually manage recurrent orders directly via smartphone or tablet, and 17% sometimes intentionally order more items than they want to keep.

Online Shopping Attitudes PAK