produces 50% of Amazon's marketplace GMV

Amazon’s total marketplace GMV was US$684 billion in 2021, registered highest YoY growth

U.S. tech giant Amazon leads the rankings of the most successful online stores in most of the Western world, like the United States, Germany, France or the UK. It is one of the biggest employers globally. It outpaces retail heavyweights like Walmart in a number of criteria. And Amazon is already way past the status of a mere online store. The tech giant counts on various different revenue streams, including cloud, advertising or subscription services. One of Amazon’s biggest cash cows is the marketplace business. In 2021, Amazon generated revenues of more than US$103 billion from third-party seller services – a share in total revenues that has been constantly growing over the past years. And this is only revenues – total GMV produced by Amazon’s various marketplace URLs is a lot higher. To dive even deeper into Amazon’s marketplace business, ecommerceDB now offers a detailed breakdown of GMV figures by Amazon’s top domains: produces 50% of Amazon's marketplace GMV_final

Amazon’s leading marketplace URL is the .com domain. Out of the US$684 billion in total GMV that Amazon generated via its marketplaces, was responsible for 53%, or a total of US$365 billion in 2021. This is hardly surprising, as the .com domain is Amazon’s home URL and it is active in many countries, including some which also have a local URL. Out of the local domains, Japan, Germany,  and the UK have the strongest Amazon marketplaces.,, and together produce around 26% of the total Amazon marketplace GMV. In terms of GMV growth, Amazon’s top 5 URLs rank differently: produces 50% of Amazon's marketplace GMV_final 2 might still be small in terms of GMV shares in Amazon’s total marketplace business, but the Canadian URL is Amazon’s leading marketplace in terms of GMV growth. Between 2020 and 2021, grew by more than 33%, leading by quite a great margin over Amazon’s other top URLs. With a growth of 25%, comes in second. Together, these two URLs primarily boost Amazon’s average GMV growth of 22%. It is still notable, though, that all top 5 URLs grew by double-digit rates between 2020 and 2021. This helped Amazon secure its pole position as the worlds biggest marketplace, expanding its lead over the Chinese marketplaces Taobao and Tmall.

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January 2023

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