Corona online shopping behavior in Germany

55% bought more online due to COVID-19 in 2020 – some are planning to keep their new habits

When the first outbreaks of COVID-19 were documented around the turn of the year 2019/2020, one of the biggest global economic disruptions of modern times was about to take off. The coronavirus disease quickly evolved into a serious pandemic paralyzing public life and entire economic sectors across the globe within weeks. The crisis is far from over, but 12 months into the pandemic, many have adapted, and it is no secret anymore that there are not only losers in the crisis. Various studies and analyses of the first corona year have also identified positive trends for certain industries that the corona crisis has brought along. There is no doubt anymore that online businesses in general and eCommerce in particular are among the profiteers of the pandemic. Lockdowns, curfews, and contact bans have made consumers turn to online shopping more than ever. The recently released results of a Statista survey on online shops in 2021 show that the majority of online shoppers in Germany have bought more products online in the past year because of the corona pandemic:

When asked whether their online shopping behavior changed in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of German online shoppers said yes. Out of the roughly 3,000 people that Statista interviewed for their survey Online Shops 2021, 39% stated that they bought more products online rather than at a stationary store in 2020 due to corona. When the pandemic is over, however, they plan to go back to their usual shopping habits. 16% of German online shoppers stated that they are not going to change their new shopping behavior once the pandemic is over. They bought more online in 2020 and are planning to do so also in the future. These are the product categories which are likely to experience a longer-term increased popularity among online shoppers in Germany:

Of those who plan to buy increasingly on the internet also in the future when the coronavirus pandemic is over, most intend to buy more clothing: Almost three in four (73%) stated that they were going to buy more clothing online also in the future. More than half are also planning to make more online purchases in the categories books, movies & games, shoes, consumer electronics, and household appliances. Toys & baby as well as food & drink are the categories with the lowest chances of a long-term corona effect. Only 20% respectively 30% of respondents intend to buy more products from the two categories online in the longer term. The others are likely to go back to their usual shopping habits once the pandemic is over.

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March 2021

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