Visa and Mastercard top card providers in eCommerce

Almost all online stores in GER, USA, FR, ITA and UK offer Visa and Mastercard payments, rank 3 far off

Credit and debit cards are still among the most popular payment methods in eCommerce. Although the younger online payment methods like PayPal and other eWallets have gained ground, card payment is still the number one most popular way of paying for online orders in certain countries. 54% of U.S. online shoppers, for example, have conducted online payments via debit card and 46% via credit card in the 12 months prior to the latest Statista Global Consumer Survey update. eWallets were used by only 45% of respondents in the U.S. Online shoppers in France or Germany use card payments a little less frequently in comparison to eWallets, but credit and debit cards are still among the top three payment methods regarding consumers’ shopping habits. On the vendor side, online stores are well advised to offer a broad range of payment methods and brands, as many consumers put great value on payment options that meet their expectations. And the popularity of card payments is also reflected in the range of payment options that online stores offer: According to eCommerceDB data, 95% of online stores globally accept card payments. A more detailed analysis of the online stores in the eCommerceDB database shows that most stores primarily have two providers on offer:

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Visa and Mastercard are clearly the most frequently offered credit and debit card services in online stores in the Western world. There are hardly any online stores in the UK, France, the U.S., Italy or Germany which do not accept payments via Visa or Mastercard. Germany is the country with the lowest penetration in this comparison – “only” 89%” of online stores offer Visa and Mastercard payment. All the other countries reach percentages close to 100% for both options, with Visa being in the lead slightly by one percentage point in France and Italy. Rank three of the most frequently supported card payment providers in online stores is far off in almost all countries in the comparison. Only the U.S. has a very strong third competitor: American Express is offered by 90% of U.S. online stores. In Germany, the third most popular card payment provider, which is American Express as well, reaches a share of only 35%. France has a special role here: The card payment provider in rank 3 is Carte Bleue, a local player. 63% of French online stores accept Carte Bleue payments.

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January 2023

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