The World's Most Valuable eCommerce Companies

December 22, 2022


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There are different ways to measure the worth of a company. Next to market performance KPIs like revenue, GMV, or total profit, companies can also be compared by their market capitalization. Especially in investment contexts, the market cap is an often-cited figure to determine the importance or size a company has in the global economy. The market cap describes the total worth of all distributed shares of a publicly traded company – which makes the total market value of a company. The top ranks of the world’s most valuable companies by market cap have long been dominated by U.S. players, including companies from the tech, software, automotive, financial services, pharmaceuticals and many other industries. The current top 3 companies by total market cap globally (as of Dec 2022) are Apple, Microsoft, and Saudi Aramco. There are also several companies with an eCommerce focus which rank high in the comparison of companies by market cap:

The world's most valuable eCommerce companies

The top 10 most valuable companies with an eCommerce focus come from a variety of countries. While the overall top 10 of the most valuable companies by market cap are dominated by U.S. players, the ranking of the top 10 eCommerce companies currently includes players from the U.S., China, Argentina, Canada, and Singapore. The unbeaten number 1 is U.S. eCommerce giant Amazon. With a total market cap of US$885.2 billion on Dec 22, 2022, Amazon dwarfs its eCommerce competitors. In the overall market cap ranking, Amazon currently holds rank 5, after Alphabet/Google. Next in line in the ranking of the most valuable eCommerce companies is Chinese eCommerce and tech giant Alibaba with a total market cap of US$238.6 billion. In rank 3 is Meituan, also from China. Meituan’s total outstanding shares were worth US$ 147.8 billion on Dec 22, 2022. The top 5 are rounded out by Pinduoduo with a total market cap of US$108.6 billion and, issuing shares with a total worth of US$104.3 billion by December 2022. There is also a newcomer to the top 10 eCommerce companies with the highest market cap compared to last year: JD Health International Inc., a Chinese eCommerce player in the healthcare field, is new to the ranking, making 8th place with a market cap of US$30.2 billion. Coupang, Inc., on the other hand, is no longer among the top 10. With a market cap of US$27.9 billion, it is currently in rank 11.