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Category Insights

Gain insight into any specific category. Understand whether the market is highly concentrated or rather fragmented and identify the category leader at a glance.


Country Insights

Understand the international markets by identifying the market leaders and fast-growing online stores. Always see how they compare in relation to the overall market.


Detailed Shop Profiles

More than 5,000 extensive shop profiles provide you with an indepth analysis of the eCommerce net sales as well as traffic metrics and contact information.


Who you are & how you benefit


  • Benchmark your online store against the market leader
  • Identify new and fast-growing competitors
  • Find potential target categories and countries for further expansion

Services Provider

  • Find your potential customers across the eCommerce industry
  • Download contact information for thousands of online stores
  • Optimize your sales process by reaching out to qualified leads


  • Get a comprehensive market overview for target markets in a matter of seconds
  • Analyze the market volume and growth down to category and country level
  • Dive into any online stores eCommerce net sales to evaluate its business strategy

Business Developer

  • Identify leading eRetailers across markets to establish strategic partnerships
  • Find potential target markets and differentiate them from the ones already consolidated
  • Download detailed shop profiles for your next business presentation

More than 1,000,000 users trust Statista

Search Engine for eCommerce Net Sales

Narrow the online store list down to your focused market. Filter by category and country and use as the starting point for your market analysis.

Shop Details at a Glance

Use the detailed shop profile for an in-depth analysis on the shop’s eCommerce net sales. Additionally it provides you with immediate access to management and marketing contacts.

Accounts & Prices

Global 5000 single

  • Instant access to the database
  • Unlimited XLSX downloads

195 € / $220

per month, billed annually

Global 5000 group

Up to 5 seats
  • All national 1000 studies included
  • Instant access to the database
  • Unlimited XLSX downloads

295 € / $330

per month, billed annually

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