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What we offer

Detailed Shop Profiles

More than 6,500 extensive shop profiles including revenues, payment, shipping and 26 further KPIs.

Country Insights

Understand the international markets by identifying the market leaders and fast-growing online stores. Always see how they compare in relation to the overall market. Start your Country Analysis right now.

How you can benefit


  • Benchmark your online store against the market leader
  • Identify new and fast-growing competitors
  • Find potential target categories and countries for further expansion

Services Provider

  • Find your potential customers across the eCommerce industry
  • Download contact information for thousands of online stores
  • Optimize your sales process by reaching out to qualified leads


  • Get a comprehensive market overview for target markets in a matter of seconds
  • Analyze the market volume and growth down to category and country level
  • Dive into any online stores eCommerce net sales to evaluate its business strategy

Business Developer

  • Identify leading eRetailers across markets to establish strategic partnerships
  • Find potential target markets and differentiate them from the ones already consolidated
  • Download detailed shop profiles for your next business presentation

eCommerce Newsletter

Digital Payments in eCommerce

Digital payments, also known as non-cash transactions, are growing globally. But how do the major regions perform?

Revolution in clothing industry?

There is hardly any segment which has been as quickly and profoundly disrupted by online trade as the clothing industry.

Newsletters and the role of the receivers’ age

Almost 90 percent of onliners receive newsletters on a regular basis. 9 out of 10 of these mailings contain advertisements.

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"Statista’s eCommerceDB contains detailed data on online stores that is most useful for our analyses of the e-commerce market."

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"We analyze the e-commerce market with the help of Statista’s eCommerceDB"

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