Our goal is to provide data on the leading 15,000 eCommerce shops worldwide.

Our team of eCommerce experts conducted a survey of more than 2,500 online shops and asked about the key performance indicators in the eCommerce sector including web sales revenue, category split, country split, average basket size, etc. Additionally, the team reviewed and evaluated all available financial information of companies conducting eCommerce. The revenue of the remaining shops, for which no key performance indicators were available, were then extrapolated in an advanced statistical model, through indicators such as demographic of potential customer base, internet penetration, products sold, available payment and shipping options, purchasing power parities, regional acceptance of online shopping, brand image or geographic region.

All collected information was then again reviewed by a team of industry specialists to offer only the highest level of data quality.

The revenue forecasts are based on a combination of individual factors such as past performance as well as traffic trends of the online shops and market trends like the regional development in their respective product and shop category using industry-standard statistical procedures. These figures are then again reviewed by our expert panel and enriched with their expert opinions and insights.

As we strive to provide only the best data possible, we continuously adjust and improve the data to account for the fast and ongoing development of the eCommerce sector.

The market data available is derived from a multitude of different drivers and estimates. These include but are not limited to: consumer surveys, GDP, internet penetration, demographics, average online shopping basket size, VAT structure, average B2B share in product category and marketplace revenue in the respective category.

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